The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Kids Teeth

The Best And Worst Halloween Candy For Your Kids Teeth

Is your child excited about Halloween? The costume part is all fun and all, but parents may be understandably worried about all that extra candy the little ones can get their hands on and what it could mean for their oral health.


But did you know there are some tooth-friendly sweets out there too? Check out this short guide to learn the best and worst Halloween candy for your child’s teeth.


Best: 3 Sweets for Cavity-Free Delight


These delicious sweets aren’t as bad for your child’s oral health:

  • Dried fruit: Naturally dried fruits don’t contain added sugars, so they can be a great option to give your child a treat without worrying about potential cavities.

  • Dark chocolate: This has a lot less sugar than milk chocolate and more cacao, which has lots of great health benefits.

  • Sugar-free candy: Candy using sugar replacements is also a great choice for Halloween. Even better, your child probably won’t even notice the difference.


Worst: Sweets That Are Bad News for Teeth


Sugar and teeth don’t mix. The harmful bacteria found in your child’s mouth love to feed on it, and when doing so, they release acids that slowly break down the tooth’s enamel, leading to a cavity and tooth decay.


But some sweets are worse than others. Hard candy, for instance, is almost pure sugar, and children tend to break it down with their teeth as opposed to dissolving it in the mouth. This can put too much pressure on their teeth, leading to chips and cracks.


Sticky treats like caramel are also not ideal. It can stick to the teeth and be difficult to remove when brushing, particularly for children who don’t like to spend a lot of time in the company of a toothbrush.


Lastly, sour candy should also be avoided. Apart from sugar, it’s also highly acidic, which can weaken tooth enamel.


Should I Not Give My Child Candy on Halloween?


One day of fun and sweet treats won’t cause too many problems, as long as your child’s overall diet doesn’t include too many sugars.


To ensure your child can safely munch on their earned candy, you can give them some sugar-free gum, which helps remove food particles from the teeth and encourages saliva production to flush them out. Once they get home, be sure to help them clean their teeth properly by brushing and flossing their smile thoroughly.


Do this, and Halloween candy can be enjoyed safely, both by your little one and even yourself!


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